Billy Idol White Wedding 320

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Although a punk-rock inspiration in British pop sixties, in contrast with more militant counterparts, declaring the idol; We said that, unlike the clash and guns. Sing n ° Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones, but honestly, what we enjoyed. The truth is that we all have our music by the Beatles and the stones. A car hit him, if he needs a steel rod in his leg placed a stop sign ran while driving home in the Studio one night. Shortly before the drama from director Oliver Stone what Idol had decided in his next film, the doors, but the accident prevented him to participate in an important Idol's role has been reduced to a fraction. This section of the biography of living person contains no references or sources. Please help with the addition of reliable sources. Material controversial on the lives of people, arms or source of advertising must be removed immediately. Idol launched a concept for the fight with the system. The video shows the success of someone on the road to capture several police officers attacked the idol to his attempt. Which resembled beat Rodney King, rebellions of resolved. Idol would become a cyborg, fear of the police. After the incident, the idol, he realized that his son would not be forgiven, died of a drug overdose, and began to focus on fatherhood. Idol has never admitted that it full of drugs that control their habit. He claims to have first smoked marijuana at the age of 12 and it is also said that he took acid at the age of thirteen. Lou Reed cyberpunk pays tribute to the idol of the heroin cover. Idol does not publish during this time an album because I had problems with his label. It was decided that he that money from the label, because, if it produces nothing finally. Producer EMI Glenn Ballard took with him on a new project, but Idol has fought the label due to creative differences, and the album was put on hold. Court of the devil, who was released in March 2005, is the first album by new idol in nearly 12 years. Idol is filled with guitarist Steve Stevens and producer Keith Forsey, burn CD/DVD. It was Idol sanctuary records, to make new music, came in his old style, after a concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom. The album was recorded with the group, he plays his part separately in a room, rather than any other record. The idol, the drummer Brian Tichy and Idol and Stevens and wrote a few songs on the album. To release the first single and video was crying. Idol had played a set of new songs in concert, never did the final version of the album. "These songs are the monster," stranger in my skin, "walk the line" in Killbox ' beautiful life and the world (written by his daughter). February 16, 2010, Idol as one of the acts has been Download Festival in Donington Park game (England), announced. He said with these great heavyweights and cool bands download game this year, I must be with my punk rock attitude, Steve Stevens, come armed and all my songs includes some classics of the output. Should be fun! . .