Idol Black And White

4 Alicia & KeysR singer Alicia Keys gave tribute to Whitney Houston at the annual Grammy party before Clive Davis on Saturday night. Think about how this person has touched, he said, sitting at the piano on stage. You form a friendship, a fraternity, a loop. You'll see how you really are amazing. … She was a sister to me. Page, 31, grew up listening to Houston and write millions of dollars for Houston 2009 re-entry album. For keys, was not only the beauty of Houston and rumors that attracted the star, but the similar background texture-a city girl with the voice of a soul and a great success. In an August 2009 interview with Diane Sawyer of ABC News, buttons describes his connection with the legend of the song. She chose any type of keys, to have a voice that speaks to the people, says Sawyer. So this is what it means to me. Points as this woman who has been with me since I was young and showed me how it feels to sleep. Keys in the first song of Whitney Houston, recalled that he heard, probably want to dance with somebody, but it says that is more than the voice of Houston that has attracted people to the star and the key. I know what I remember his voice, because obviously his voice prevails above all, this is the first time I saw his face, and it is on this beautiful album, when his hair was completely new and it was just the face, keys said in an interview in 2009. It was all simply sensational. He is seen as someone who wanted to know what you want to hear, someone who wants to listen. Key has also talking about collaborating with his idol in the back of the album of Houston, miro, in the interview. I saw that she was very determined, he said. I saw that also has quite a failure, too. … I think it is ready to enter the world to show us what they lack. idol black and white The Saturday night before, sang a medley of songs, including his successful, person, in honor of Houston, sang the title keys of successful line of 1987 Houston, I want to dance with somebody, thousands of cheering. I started thinking back, thinking of how this person has touched your life, and it's incredible, it's amazing. I mean, a young girl, as a little girl to grow, seeing this beautiful amazing woman, who was also a young girl at the time. I speak not of Whitney, and it would be like, Oh, I wanna dance with somebody, said keys and sang. This is for you, he added. Sing to the sky. More COVERAGEAlicia key takes Broadway debut production. .